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Telekom, Internet


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Personal Computer


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Management Consulting





 Management Consulting and Solution Providing
to realize every marketing affairs

Support, Service and Consulting to the following business areas are served for any   companies they are interested in to enlarge their business to the European market


Company Profile

Christof Consulting & Partner Ingenieure  which was founded
as a service company for computer based systems and high tech medical devices.

We would like to offer you our knowledge when you enlarge your business activities to the European market. Additionally we are able to support you with our own development department in the new federal states of Germany. Therefore we are able to serve you not only as consultants primarily for computer based medical products as well as a solution provider, too.

As a service company and as a solution provider we offer the clinics and other institutes our support for your products.

Distinctive experiences we have to integrate latest technologies in existent environments such as:

x-ray scanner and digital x-ray, especially audio equipment, digital video and digital photography as well as video conferencing. We are able to combine medical devices with telecommunication ( VoIP, DSL, ISDN, cellular phone ) and computer technologies for an efficient working environment in business as well as in clinics. Additionally we are able to support your activities - for example by installing video communication systems and other solutions. It is a pleasure for us to teach your future business partners in Europe and to realize every event. Furthermore, we work as consultants and offer marketing concepts to present your company and your product lines at the European market.