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Telekom, Internet


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Personal Computer


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Management Consulting





 Management Consulting and Solution Providing
to realize every marketing affairs

Support, Service and Consulting to the following business areas are served for any   companies they are interested in to enlarge their business to the European market

  1. in the business area of distribution
    - our help to offer your products at the market - for example to find an agent, to address
      the market, etc.
    - combination of products various manufacturers to a solution
    - dilation the foreign products through our development department to adapt the devices  
      to the market
    - taking off corresponding to the European commandments
      ( TÜV, CE, safety certificates)
    - admittance of the devices
  2. marketing
    - press release
    ( Peter Christof provides experiences of several press releases since 1994 )
    - realization and follow-up of Mailings
    - Telemarketing
    - all organizational tasks ( hotels, offices, press conferences, presentations, etc.)
    - Video conferencing for marketing, product launch and exchange with every partner
    - adjusting the homepage at the Internet to the European givings in advance
    - professional Webdesign
    - with regular update of the Homepage
    - the upload of the Homepage and the introduction of statistical data enclosed
    - hiring and prosecuting of the Internet server
    - alignment of fairs, symposia, Colloquia, ...
  3. agent
    - support at the seek of sales partners
    - determination possible sales partners
    - creation of draft agreements
    - training of the sales partners
    - permanent support of the sales partners
  4. consulting
    - determination of the market
    - preparation of the market
    - situation of the competitors of the market
    - determination properly references
    - establishing of references
    - transformation of English submittals ( prospectuses, manuals, marketing material)
       for the European multilingual market
    - at place analysis of the actual - value respectively of the needs the assistants of


We dispose over several years experiences as one solution provider in the business areas for (digital) videos, telecommunication, data exchange ( digital / analog video, digital x-ray), computer assisted medical engineering as well as network technologies. We developed solution concepts to integrate latest technologies in consisting office environment or at the transposition on digital media:
= > through digitalization of microscopical imagery systems and archiving at DVD/CD ROM
= > x-ray scanner for the radiology to the digitization, assumption and treatment of x-ray pictures for the ISDN - transmission, for ON LINE video - operations as well as presenting at congresses through projection systems and for the archiving.



We are your service company to support you to integrate
the latest technologies of innovative, computer assisted systems
in Business and Medicine to the European market

We develop company and marketing strategies as well as technical and economical consultation and solutions for business and medicine to combine innovative technologies with EDP, telecommunication, video and videoconferencing, network, audio and praxis management